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Use method of PVC processing auxiliaries


The essence of processing aid ACR is solid plasticizer. If the melting point of ACR decreases again and the molecular weight decreases again, it will eventually become a plasticizer. In the study, it was found that processing AIDS with low melting point (including plasticizer) had fast plasticizing speed and good melt fluidity, but low melt viscosity, low melt strength and low melt pressure; Processing AIDS with high melting point plasticizing speed is slower, melt fluidity is poor, but melt viscosity, melt pressure, melt strength, late plasticizing ability is strong. The former reduces the mechanical properties and weather resistance of PVC materials, but the latter hardly affects the mechanical properties of PVC materials and improves the weather resistance.


Some processing ACR with good plasticizing effect will greatly increase the current and torque of the extruder and improve the plasticization degree of PVC for one PVC formula, but may make the color of PVC products dark and color difference for another PVC formula. Sometimes a machined ACR is appropriate in a fast extruder but not necessarily in a slow extruder and vice versa. Therefore, it is almost impossible for a processing ACR to meet the requirements of different formulations, different products and different processing equipment. Similarly, it is impossible for ACR, a traditional processing aid, to meet the processing requirements of rapid plasticization and high melt strength and melt pressure. To meet the personalized requirements of customers, we have developed a series of new with different promote the plasticizing properties and different processing aid other characteristics, to adapt to the user's requirements, the performance of some of the products has been completely can replace imported products, we are on the performance of these processing aid and use method has carried on the detailed study, as long as the customer put forward their own specific requirements, the company's new material research center can recommend the suitable products type, dosage and method of use.

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