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PVC processing agent to promote the plasticizing mechanism


No matter which kind of PVC processing form, all need to make PVC mixture evenly plasticized, only plasticized good uniform material, its products have a good appearance and mechanical properties.

But compared with other general plastics, plasticization-free PVC can only be plasticized at higher temperatures and shear conditions, but PVC is easy to decompose at high temperatures. In order to ensure uniform plasticization and improve the quality of hard PVC products, the materials should be plasticized at the lowest possible processing temperature and the greatest possible shear force. Generally speaking, PVC processing AIDS must have the following characteristics, to have the function of promoting plasticization.

1, melting temperature is lower than PVC, in the processing process before PVC melting.

2. Due to its good compatibility with PVC, PVC particles can be adhered to after melting in the processing process to increase internal friction, increase shear torque and generate internal heat, so that the temperature distribution in the material is uniform and the degree of plasticization is uniform, thus promoting the uniform plasticization of PVC materials.

3, processing additives have enough molecular weight, increase the melt viscosity (or strength) in the process of processing, improve the melt pressure, prevent the slipping phenomenon of materials so as to improve the shear torque, make the melt and metal surface friction heat rise significantly, promote the mixing uniformity of PVC mixture and degree of plasticization.

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